Electrify your fleet, starting today

Fleet electrification, simplified

7Gen removes the biggest barriers to electrification for medium- and heavy-duty commercial fleets. We provide simple and affordable EV and charger leasing solutions to help fleet managers achieve zero-emission transportation.

How much can you save by switching to EVs?

Use our total cost of ownership tool to calculate your savings with EVs compared to gas-powered vehicles.

Calculate your EV savings

Our solutions

Electric truck leasing

We pair you with the right vehicles for the right routes

Advisory and project implementation

We’ll work with you to plan an optimal transition to EVs

Full-service charger leasing

We lease, design, install, and maintain charging solutions

Software solutions

One central platform to help you maximize the performance of your new electric fleet

Why switch to an electric fleet?

Lower and more predictable operating costs

Save on fuel, maintenance, and repairs and take advantage of favourable government incentives.

A better driver experience

Attract and retain drivers with a quieter and smoother ride, instant torque, and range that exceeds average daily use.

New business opportunities

Win new business by bolstering your sustainability credentials.


Our customers are thrilled about our commitment to Zero-Emission Vehicles and the benefits it will bring to our collective organizations

Mark Ang

CEO – GoBolt